Writing Skills… refined

Fifth graders are at that perfect age to begin creative writing. I am sure there have been previous attempts at earlier ages to write effectively, but at this age there is usually a comprehension of grammar and syntax effective enough to make a good writer. Bringing them from, dull lifeless writing to dramatic creative expression will be the challenge. Here are a few tips to get your fifth graders writing effectively.

Use pre-writing activities
1) Read a story to inspire
2) Have a discussion about a current even topic
3) Talk about a recent experience and then write
4) Ask questions that incite thought                                                         5) Take advantage of free writing resources

Use each of these as springboards to getting your students writing creatively.

Homeschool Resources

At your wits end? There are tons of great homeschool resources that you can grab to make your adventure with homeschooling a lot easier to accomplish.

Struggling with math – check out math-u-see – or buy some really cool math games – or use online math games to help drill and practice.

Struggling with language? Use some homeschool specialty workbooks, rent schoolhouse rock videos, use an online program like Time4Writing.

Struggling with science? A homeschool specialized curriculum like Apologia science makes teaching several grades of children easy! Using science videos and even online science resources can also make it come alive.

Struggling with History? There are a lot of great history programs that make history really come alive. Things like The Mystery of History or Time Traveler’s History are great!