Fifth graders have become pretty good at being junior scientists. They have learned how to observe and experiment and to gather data and draw conclusions. They have expanded their knowledge of the physical world and can apply the basic math and science skills they’ve acquired to their observations. It is important that they see science at work all around them–when they are playing ball, airing up a flat bike tire, getting a drink from the garden hose, using a camera, or running in the yard. Fifth grade scientists will learn about the processes of living things, like photosynthesis and digestion. They will look at the Earth and its resources, and how people use and affect those resources. You might even find some fifth graders experimenting with simple chemical reactions. They will study how living organisms work, including photosynthesis and digestion. They will learn more about the human body, including cardiovascular and skeletal systems. Fifth graders will continue to exploring the universe by learning about the solar system and Earth. Environment will also be a topic of study.  Here you can read about fifth grade  content standards.

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