Science Fairs

Science Fairs are now as much a part of every fifth graders curriculum as math and language are. Be prepared to help your inquisitive child when and if they need help. Most will need a little bit help even though they are more mature than they were last year. Encourage your child to pick a topic that can easily be completed over the course of a few weekends. Most fifth graders should be knowledgeable about using skills such as making measurements, observing, hypothesizing, collecting and analyzing data, scientific drawing, graphing, problem solving, text and Internet research, and note taking. This is the time for the young scientist to put all those learned skills into action and show what they can do! Science is fun and the elementary science fair projects should be fun. If it becomes a problem, perhaps the wrong topic was selected. Go back to the drawing board and choose a different topic. Also, remind your child that every other student will also be on the look out for a great science fair project, so try to choose one that hopefully nobody else will choose.

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