Fifth Grade

This year your fifth grader will still need help from you. At ten years old, she is developing communication skills and becoming more mature. You can help by encouraging her as she improves her listening and responding skills, expands her problem-solving abilities, changes in maturity, and begins to understand what other expect of her. Your fifth grader is becoming increasingly obsessed with her social standing, and friends play an increasingly important role in her life.

Have fun with your child by playing games like  tic-tac-toe, dots, checkers, dominoes, concentration, online hangman, Scrabble, chess, and increasingly complex card games such as hearts, rummy, and cribbage. All these games involve problem solving and logic, and all are based on mathematics. Help your child excel in the areas she is strong in to give her confidence to tackle areas in which she may struggle.

Just remember, puberty plays a big role in her life this year. Try to be understanding as her hormones kick in and mood changes become more apparent. You are still her solid rock!

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