Fifth Grade Students: How Many Where?

I think there are about 60M K-12 students in the US. That’s 13 grades.  60 divided by 13 makes about 4. So there are about 4M homeschoolers.

More than half of them are living near the poverty line.

Around 3% or 120,000 are being homeschooled.
Another 4% or 160,000 are in charter schools being educated at public expense by non-public schools run by entrepreneurs, social or for-profit.
There’s maybe 9% or 360K that are in private schools. Around half Catholic parochial schools. But less every year.

This leaves 84% in the public system. I don’t know what percent of the public, charter, or private or in virtual schools. I

I’d love to do more research on this in the next year. That’s one of my resolutions!

(BTW, many thanks to Time4Learning for helping out with a statistics on American homeschoolers article that got me thinking about education this way.

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