Fifth Grade Sound Alike Words

I’ve been using VocabularySpellingCity to help learn about word study  (vocabulary and spelling) expectations for fifth grade students.

During fifth grade, students refine their literacy skills in preparation for middle school. Fifth grade teachers strive to create lessons and activities to ensure students develop a deeper understanding of literature and informational text. VocabularySpellingCity helps teachers by providing countless word lists to use during literacy and content area instruction.

Getting specific, here’s what they should know in terms of sound alike words or homophones:


5th Grade Homophones – List 1

Grade Level: 5th Grade


Fifth Grade Students: How Many Where?

I think there are about 60M K-12 students in the US. That’s 13 grades.  60 divided by 13 makes about 4. So there are about 4M homeschoolers.

More than half of them are living near the poverty line.

Around 3% or 120,000 are being homeschooled.
Another 4% or 160,000 are in charter schools being educated at public expense by non-public schools run by entrepreneurs, social or for-profit.
There’s maybe 9% or 360K that are in private schools. Around half Catholic parochial schools. But less every year.

This leaves 84% in the public system. I don’t know what percent of the public, charter, or private or in virtual schools. I

I’d love to do more research on this in the next year. That’s one of my resolutions!

(BTW, many thanks to Time4Learning for helping out with a statistics on American homeschoolers article that got me thinking about education this way.

Fifth Graders in 2017

Putting my cards on the table, I turn 60 this year. Sixty.  LX !

So who am I to talk about the way fifth graders are developing and should be developed these days to prepare them for the years from now right through 2100 AD.  Weird.

Should they be homeschooled? I just read an interesting article on the state of homeschooling today. I know that these kids are wired differently, they all have total web access, social media galore, stream films and TV programs in a way unimagined just a decade or so ago, and have a a stronger sense of health and sophistication than any group that I’ve ever seen. Confused? You bet. Education is tricky to figure out.


BTW, I borrowed this joker from the website, post on clown jokers!

5th Grade Vocabulary Curriculum

Many schools and districts are trying to make 5th grade more like middle school. They are asking the students to be more independent, they are giving them teachers specialized in language arts and math/STEM.

Focus for a minute on building 5th grade literacy skills. By 5th grade, students should have a vocabulary in the tens of thousands of words. They should have been adding them a few thousand a year during elementary school. Some do, some don’t. Those that don’t are mostly the ones failing to learn to read.

Word attack strategies and advanced spelling and phonics skills are a key to building 5th grade spelling word mastery. But more importantly, it’s critical to both encounter and revisit all the key vocabulary and roots and suffixes and prefixxes. More on this later.  Here’s a quote about 5th grade from

During fifth grade, students refine their literacy skills in preparation for middle school. Fifth grade teachers strive to create lessons and activities to ensure students develop a deeper understanding of literature and informational text. VocabularySpellingCity helps teachers by providing countless word lists to use during literacy and content area instruction.

Fifth grade students should be able to master grade level phonics. Students are expected to be familiar with derivational beginnings and endings. List can be paired with learning exercises so students can further explore spelling patterns as well as the relationship between root words and affixes. 



Essay Writing

Essay writing isn’t always a favorite assignment with kids. Of course if you pick a topic they like, or choose an interesting book for them to read, it can help make them much more receptive and even excited about their assignment. That is why I always try to pick topics that they might find interesting, or even let them choose a topic once and a while. Since spring has just arrived, I am assigning it as my daughter’s next essay topic. Topics like these are great because there are so many things that your child can choose to write about. They could write about flowers or insects. They could write about the animals that hibernate during the winter, but wake when spring arrives. Like I said the topic of “spring” has many possibilities for an essay paper 😉

5th Grade Math

Math! Depending on your child, you will either hear moans and groans or excitement in your child’s voice, when they hear the word “math”! Some people are just naturally better at math than others, but just because it is harder for some people to learn, doesn’t mean that the person can not only learn math, but enjoy it as well. There are so many ways to help your child learn math, regardless whether it come easy to them or not. Here are a few ideas, to help you teach your 5th grader, math. Using a great math curriculum is key. If your child is bored, or having a hard time grasping the content, it could be your math curriculum. Sometimes, just switching to another program, can make all the difference in the world. Another idea is to add to your math curriculum. You can do this by making some math flash cards. Learning games are also a great tool to use. By letting them play math games, they can learn while having fun 🙂


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe eve, celebrating in 2015 🙂  We of course had tons of fun with family and friends. Watching the ball drop has always been my favorite part. Of course with the New Year, comes new resolutions. What is mine, you may wonder. To Roadschool! What is roadschooling? Well, it is traveling while homeschooling. Now, some families choose to live life full time on the road, where others just go for a little bit of time here and there. I do not know if we will ever be full timers, but a trip here and there, sounds like a fun way to spend time as a family while learning about things in person. I mean it is one thing to read and see pictures of Mount Rushmore for example, but being there in person, I am sure is something totally different and amazing. When will I start my adventure? I am not sure, but I hope it will be sooner rather than later 😉

Winter Themed Unit Study

Winter is almost here and with that comes an opportunity to do a winter themed Unit Study! You can buy one that has already been put together, or you can create one yourself. It is pretty easy to do, especially with so many topics to pick from. You can learn about snow, how igloos are built, and do fun crafts like make a snow flake. Other ideas are: winter animals, Artic Ocean, hibernation, etc. In addition, you can add themed printables & spelling list, nature games, crafts, field trips, etc., etc., etc. Anything, that you think that would be educational, interesting, and fun!

5th Grade Spelling

If you’re looking for some Thanksgiving themed additions to your regular homeschool curriculum, then why not create a Thanksgiving spelling list. Themed spelling lists are an easy and fun way to add some holiday into your homeschooling lessons. You can add even more learning fun by taking those words and creating crossword puzzles, word searches, word jumbles, etc. Some words that you could use are: Thanksgiving, Pilgrimage, Indians, Colony, Harvest, Vessel, Survival, Celebrate. You can also have your 5th grader prepare a story or short poem using the spelling words. As you can see, there are several things that you can do with a themed spelling list 😉

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Make Glow in the Dark Slime

October has arrived and soon it will be Halloween. As always, we will be doing some Halloween themed printable worksheets this month, but one thing new, that we are going to be doing is making Glow in the dark slime! Perfect for 5th grade Science 🙂 Making Glow in the dark slime is Fun for the kids and very quick and easy to do.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


• 1 – 4 oz bottle of clear or blue gel Elmer’s glue
• 1 cup warm water
• 2-3 Tbsp. glow-in-the-dark paint
• neon green food coloring
• 2 tsp. borax
• 1/3 cup warm water
• You will also need something to store your slime in.


1. First mix together the Elmer’s glue and the 1 cup of warm water.
2. Stir in the paint and food coloring.
3. In a separate small bowl, mix together the 1/3 cup warm water, and 2 teaspoons of borax. *Stir until the borax is dissolved.
4. Next you will add about 2 tablespoons of the borax solution, to the glue solution. *The more borax you add, the stiffer the slime will be. The less borax solution you add, the more runny your slim will be .

Voila! Green glow-in-the-dark slime!

*Instruction’s courtesy of* “Making Slime for Kids.” ThriftyFun. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Oct. 2014.