5th Grade Vocabulary Curriculum

Many schools and districts are trying to make 5th grade more like middle school. They are asking the students to be more independent, they are giving them teachers specialized in language arts and math/STEM.

Focus for a minute on building 5th grade literacy skills. By 5th grade, students should have a vocabulary in the tens of thousands of words. They should have been adding them a few thousand a year during elementary school. Some do, some don’t. Those that don’t are mostly the ones failing to learn to read.

Word attack strategies and advanced spelling and phonics skills are a key to building 5th grade spelling word mastery. But more importantly, it’s critical to both encounter and revisit all the key vocabulary and roots and suffixes and prefixxes. More on this later.  Here’s a quote about 5th grade from vocabularyspellingcity.com:

During fifth grade, students refine their literacy skills in preparation for middle school. Fifth grade teachers strive to create lessons and activities to ensure students develop a deeper understanding of literature and informational text. VocabularySpellingCity helps teachers by providing countless word lists to use during literacy and content area instruction.

Fifth grade students should be able to master grade level phonics. Students are expected to be familiar with derivational beginnings and endings. List can be paired with learning exercises so students can further explore spelling patterns as well as the relationship between root words and affixes. 



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